5 Different Post Formats for Facebook

Content format ideas for Facebook

A quick look at different formats you can use when posting on Facebook, to keep your page interesting!


The text post is classic, and effective. Language is the simplest way to communicate with your audience, so if you have something to say, type it up and get your message across.


While text is great, it can be a bit boring on its own. Images are the best format to use on Facebook, especially when paired with text for context.

It makes your post visually engaging, interesting, and hard to ignore.


Sharing links to articles or interesting websites is great for your strategy. Sharing news and information this way works well for Facebook as the news feed algorithm considers these worthy of being seen by users.

It’s also perfect for sharing information with your community, to establish your brand as an authority, and show them that you care about more than just yourself.


A video is a great way to share information with your audience, and to bond with them over shared interests.

You could share something funny and relevant to your community, or a music video that perfectly sums up your feelings about the weekend, or Monday mornings.

You can also share information, through topical and current event stories, or instructional videos, such as how to do pushups correctly or how to bake cupcakes.

Videos can be uploaded to Facebook, or shared via YouTube, Vimeo, or another video hosting site.


GIFs (looped moving images) are beloved by internet users worldwide. They are the perfect way to encapsulate emotions, and sometimes they’re just entertaining.

Facebook can’t host them like it does images, but GIF website Giphy has developed a way to be able to watch them on the wall.

Much like a video, share the URL of your desired GIF, and it will appear as a thumbnail. All you have to do is press play to see it in action.

Which format is your favourite?

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