5 Tips For Tumblr


Tumblr is a blogging platform for those who are interested in a more visual representation. If you’re keen to get started on Tumblr, but still learning the ropes, here are five tips to help you find your way.

Primary Blog

Tumblr allows you to create secondary blogs connected to your primary account. This is great for easy management of multiple blogs, but secondary accounts can’t follow other blogs, which limits your connection possibilities. Make your business blog your primary blog to ensure you can make the most of all capabilities.


Know who you’re targeting and talking to. Obviously your blog will have a theme and a focus, but within that your content needs to suit this specific audience. The Tumblr community is unique, and can be a little different compared to other platforms. Try out different content until you see what people are responding to and you’ll get a better idea of what you should be posting.


Original content is always great and we highly recommend you post your own material. We also recommend you get your name out there by reposting from other blogs, liking posts, and following other blogs, especially those within your category. Build up a network and find like-minded blogs, as this will help your content to be reposted and increase your followers.


Have fun with your posts! Tumblr isn’t a text based platform. You can certainly include text posts, but also include images, audio, video, and GIFs. Tumblr is where GIFs really shine, and some blogs have built their popularity entirely on the use of GIFs.

Get Ahead

For casual users, Tumblr can be a time out, but for people with popular or business blogs, you need to plan ahead, just like on the other platforms. Tumblr offers multiple scheduling options. This includes the Queue option, which allows you to pre-select posts to be published at a regular rate over time, meaning your posts are going up consistently, whether you’re online or not. You can also schedule posts for specific dates and times, so you can get organised!

Have fun!

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