What Makes A Good Co-Worker?


At Social Media Servants, we believe that culture is a huge part of making a business successful. Part of getting the environment right is hiring the right people for your culture.

Here’s what we think makes for a good co-worker!

What makes a good co-worker?”

“Someone you can rely on.”

“You can trust they will put their all into their work.”

“Someone who’s trustworthy and can also make you laugh.”

“Someone who is happy for your successes.”

“Someone who is a team player, working towards a common goal, not trying to undermine you.”

“Someone who you can get along with on a personal level.”


“People that leave their ‘stuff’ at home. People who invest themselves in environments.”

“Supporting your co-workers.”

“Someone who can appreciate a little weirdness, and go with the flow.”

“Someone who isn’t judgmental, and accepts people for who they are. If you can appreciate our varying tastes in music, you’ll fit right in!”

“People who are thoughtful and considerate of others.”

What would you add?

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