How To Create A Facebook Business Page


A Facebook page is one of the most essential parts of a social media strategy. But first, you must set up your business page.

Here we go through the process step by step.

1. You need to have a personal Facebook account set up. The next step from there is to find the drop-down menu located in the top far right corner. Click on the downwards pointing arrow, and there will be an option to “Create Page”.

2. You will have six options for types of pages to choose from. These are Local Business or Place; Company, Organisation or Institution; Brand or Product; Artist, Band or Public Figure; Entertainment; and Cause or Community. Choose whichever one best applies to you.

3. Facebook will then ask you to fill in the profile details. It’s best to fill these out with as much clarity and information as you can, to ensure visitors to the page know what your brand is about. Then add in your profile photo.

4. Facebook will suggest you add your page to “Favourites” so you can access it easily. This simply means it will sit towards the top of the left sidebar, so you can easily click through to manage the page.

5. After that, Facebook will suggest you create an ad to promote your new page. We advise you wait until you’ve finished setting up your page. However, advertising is a great way to let people know your business now has a Facebook page and to reach a wider audience.

6. Your page is now set up. Facebook will run through page basics to let you know how things work, and suggest that you like the page from your personal account and invite friends to like the page to get the ball rolling.

7. Now that the page is set up, you should add your cover image, and all of your business information in the About section.

8. Once you have filled out all of the sections, you can implement your social media strategy.

Have fun!

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