How Do I Make Someone An Admin Of My Facebook Page?


There are different reasons why you might want to add someone as an admin to your Facebook Page. You may be employing the services of a social media agency, or simply sharing the monitoring duties with one of your staff members.

Rather than giving someone the log in details to your personal account that your page is linked to, you can add them as an admin, so that they can access the page from their own account.

1. First step, the person you want to make an admin must like the Page from their personal account.

2. Switch over to using Facebook as your business Page.

3. Click on Settings, in the top left hand side of the page. It should be fourth from the left.

4. On the left hand side of the page, you’ll see a list of options. Click on Page Roles.

5. This page will list the people who already have roles on the Page, and what their role is. Under the exisiting Page managers, there will be an empty box. Type in the email address linked to the person’s Facebook account.

You’ll notice that under the box is a blue title with a dropdown menu triangle icon next to it. This is the role that you will assign the person. Each role allows different access, depending on what you want that person to manage for you.

The role options are Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, and Analyst. For a explanation of what each role can do, click here.

Admins have complete access to the page, and can add and remove people from roles.

6. When you’ve entered the email address and chosen their role, press enter. Facebook will ask you to enter your password. Once you’ve done that, it should list that person as having a role. If Facebook was unable to find the person’s account, or they don’t like your Page, Facebook will let you know. Double check you have the email address right, or that they have liked the Page.

7. Once you have successfully added them, they will receive an email and a Facebook notification letting them know they are now an admin.

You can always change access levels or remove someone as admin when they no longer need access. However, it is a good idea to only allow someone you trust to be an admin, as if they do anything that is not in the best interest of your Page that may violate Facebook’s Community Standards, Facebook can unpublish your page.

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