Why Personality In Your Social Strategy Is A Good Thing


Personality plays a big role in social media strategies; this is because personalities have the capability to create deep relationships, provide authenticity, and develop trust.

Personality helps in adding value to your brand, which is why it’s necessary to include it in your social strategy. Personality can help to augment your social strategy in various ways.

Personality Builds Relationships

Having a modest and friendly personality can play a key role in building relationships with your target audience.

Human beings will always be drawn to people they really like which is why you need to show your target audience that you are actually likeable and that you’re always available to offer help whenever necessary.

An important factor to keep in mind is that relationships on social media can take time to develop as they rely on the connection between real human beings. These relationships may begin in a passive manner including listening to audio, reading articles and content, or watching videos posted by your brand. The relationship may then grow via different channels, such as webinars or Google hangouts.

This personality you show through your content, and through interactions with your community helps in building lasting relationships in social media.

Personality Generates Trust

Research has shown that people tend to trust individual people on social media platforms as compared to brands.

This simply means that recommendations from other people are a powerful tool in your social media strategy. This explains why many companies opt to use individual personalities in their marketing strategies.

People will always relate to other people more than faceless corporations, and trust those they believe to be genuine and authentic.

Personality Provides Authenticity

It’s a good idea engage your audience with personal stories from time to time; this helps in creating intimacy and authenticity concerning a particular situation or simply in providing a solution to the situation.

This doesn’t mean that you should reveal plenty of personal information; you can achieve this by simply sharing humorous stories concerning everyday situations.

Personality Offers Alternative Perspectives

People don’t always use the corporate line when providing their personal opinions. People have emotions that are addressed in tweets or blogs, be it passion or frustration. Some of these opinions will be shared on your brand’s social media. How you react to it will depend on whether you win new followers or alienate people.

If you take on board the negatives and use them to improve your business, and display your human side when interacting with your community, a negative comment can become an opportunity to show how great your brand is. These alternative perspectives help in developing relationships, authenticity, and trust.

It’s crucial to remember that social media is a platform that doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. This is an avenue in which lasting relationships can be built simply by ensuring that you include personality in your social strategy.

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