Unsexy Brands Doing Great Things on Social Media


Have you ever thought about making use of social media as a marketing tool? Do you feel that your brand isn’t interesting enough?

Most people believe that only brands that are thought to be fun can do well on social media. The truth is that there are several “unsexy” brands that are doing great things on social media simply by employing unique tactics.

Here are some of those brands:

Allstate Insurance

The Facebook page used by Allstate insurance ensures that its various apps are visible; this includes those that are native to Facebook as well as to numerous mobile applications.

The most dominant Facebook application used by Allstate is the Championship Challenge which is present front and centre on the Facebook page; this ensures that it’s visible to all new users. This has increased the Facebook users on this particular page.

The company also posts tweets that are accompanied by links to direct more followers to the Championship Challenge application on the Facebook page. This has seen an increase in the number of likes as well as facilitating further engagement with the audience on different platforms.


Staples is a stationery brand that is doing very well on Twitter; this has been achieved by posting conversational and funny tweets that lay more focus on the target audience as compared to their products.

They make use of different hashtags, such as #officelife in which they post tweets concerning funny office situations that a majority of people can easily relate to. This has undoubtedly drawn more people into joining the interesting conversations.


Tampax focuses on sanitary products, which is not a traditionally “sexy” topic. Tampax host contests on social media which draw plenty of user participation.

There are various contests that are run from time to time on their Facebook and Twitter pages; the contestants get to win an array of prizes, including a supply of tampons for a whole year and concert tickets. This is one tactic that has helped Tampax to have a huge social media presence.


Sharpie is all about markers and has quite a following on social media.

Sharpie mainly achieves this by posting fascinating images on Facebook and Instagram. Much of this content is sourced directly from their audience, who are often artists. This has drawn new followers to their pages.


Cisco is a giant brand in networking and technology. Most people wouldn’t expect Cisco to be in a position to successfully engage audience on social media.

Despite the fact that Cisco focuses on complex technology, the company has achieved a strong following by posting images that are eye-catching, and useful information.

The trick to making an “unsexy” brand successful on social media is to take a different angle to connect with your audience. Making the most of your brand’s personality will help you to communicate effectively, and in a likeable and relatable manner. Finally, don’t be afraid to have fun!

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