5 Of The Best Customer Service Twitter Accounts


A major part of business is keeping your customers happy; without them you don’t have a business. Social media has provided another way for customers to communicate with brands about what they love, and what they don’t love. The following are 5 of the best examples of brands providing customer service on Twitter:


The Adidas twitter profile has a following of more than 2.19 million twitter followers.

The profile is successful mainly because great attention is paid to keeping track of all brand mentions. All tweets that give feedback or opinions concerning products or Adidas tweets are replied to.

Quite a number of fans post pictures of Adidas shoes they’ve purchased; the brand is always quick to acknowledge these fans by replying to these tweets.


Coca-Cola is among the largest brands across the globe with millions of customers. The Coca-Cola account boasts over 2 million Twitter followers.

The brand goes to great lengths to acknowledge tweets with mentions of the Coca-Cola brand. This makes the customers feel appreciated, which is a contributing factor to their large online presence.

American Express 

American Express has taken on efficient ways to handle customer queries, feedback, and complaints. They have gone ahead and created a totally different account that is solely dedicated to deal with customer concerns.

Any customer who has any question concerning the American Express card needs to simply post the question to @AskAmex and the issue will be addressed by support staff. This is an excellent example of one method top brands are using to improve customer support.

Delta Airlines 

The official Twitter handle of Delta Airlines is solely dedicated to customer support. There are over 20 customer support personnel who are tasked with taking care of customer concerns and questions on Twitter.


Firefox boasts a large online presence on Twitter mainly due to the fact that all tweets from their followers are replied to.

Firefox handles negative comments from distraught users with a calm approach and offers links to other sites that may have useful information regarding the issue. This has led to customer retention as well as a growing audience.

These brands show that the experience a customer gets online is a big factor in a brand’s digital, and consequently offline, success. It’s undoubtedly an uplifting feeling when your tweet gets retweeted or replied to by a brand, and helps to build a relationship and loyalty. Dealing with issues promptly and professionally will do wonders for your brand’s reputation, especially in a public forum like Twitter. A personalised response from a brand makes the whole experience more human and unique, as well as being an interaction that followers can relate and connect to easily.

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