How To Add Another Pinner To A Pinterest Board


We’ve previously written about the benefits of having a Pinterest account for your brand, and how to set one up.

Pinterest also offers the option of having others pin to your boards. This can be useful for different reasons. You can collaborate with others in your business and collect potential content on a communal board. Another option is to ask your audience to pin to a board, and use it as a form of market research.

Whatever your reason, the process of adding another pinner to a board is very simple.

1. From your home page, click on your logo in the top right. This will take you to your profile and boards.

2. The next step is to decide whether you want to create a new board or add a pinner to an existing board.

The main difference here is obvious: are you doing something new or do you want to add to an existing idea? However, creating a new board also gives you the option of making it a secret board, which is perfect for if you are collecting content for future posts, or developing new products, and you aren’t ready for your audience to see it.

3. Let’s say you decide to add someone to an existing board. From your profile page, click “Edit” on the bottom of the board you want to add someone to.

4. An information box will open up. Here you can change the name of the board, your description, category, and so on.

You can also add pinners. Where it says, “Who can add Pins?”, type in the pinner’s name or email address. This will send them an invite to pin.

5. Once they accept, they can pin to the board as they like! You can choose to receive an email every time someone pins on the board, or you can turn notifications off. It depends on if you want to monitor what is being pinned to the board in real time, or you trust that all pinners will act responsibly.

6. If you choose to create a new board, it is a similar process. Start from your profile page, and click “Create a board” on the left of the page.

The same information box will pop up, where you can fill out the details and add pinners. This is also where you can choose to make it a secret board.

This process is easy to do, but can help you engage with your audience in a whole new way on. Play around and have some fun!

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