Tips For Managing Your Social Media


Managing a successful social media presence takes time and work, and is not easy for people who are busy running every other facet of their business.

Here are five basic tips that you can follow to help maintain your online presence.

1. Create a Plan

Choose social media sites that will benefit you most. If you don’t have time to be on all of them, make sure you’re on the one that your customers use the most.

Once you choose, the next step is to develop a digital strategy. This involves figuring out who your target market is, your brand voice, and how often you’ll post across the platforms or update your blog. Keep in mind that you won’t get it perfect straight away. There will be some trial and error involved in finding what works best, but a plan will work much better than just guessing.

There are also a number of online tools which you can use to help you manage your social media.

2. Look for Fresh content

Avoid using the same content over and over in every post. Try to post fresh images and links so that your posts do not get boring.

You want to post both timeless and timely content. That is, most of your content should be related to your niches, but not dependent on current news, while a small part of your content should be updated as events break that are relevant to your brand.

3. Use Analytics

To improve your strategy, you need to know your analytics. Most platforms will be able to give you basic data that can show you which posts are the most popular, and what time is the best time to post.

Make sure you have Google Analytics for your website; this free online tool will show you the number of referrals you’re getting from social media sites. You can then alter your platforms and activities based on the data.

4. Make Your Followers Your Customers

You should always keep in mind that every follower is a real person who has followed you for a reason. Therefore, you have to keep them interested and feeling appreciated in order to convert them to customers.

You can use polls, competitions, and questions to engage them. Always reply to and/or like their comments, and respond to questions as quickly as possible. Share behind the scenes images of your workplace to show the human side of your brand. The idea is to connect with your market and to be their friend.

These five tips will help you create and maintain your brand’s social media. Good luck!

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