Should You Care About Instagram Advertising?


Since the use of visual content to promote products and services is becoming increasingly popular on social media, it has also become important for businesses to use Instagram in their marketing strategy.

This is because Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing platforms and allows businesses, big or small, to communicate with their target audience visually. This Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform has over 200 million users and studies show Instagram users post approximately 40 million photographs in a day.

Instagram Ads

This popularity is why earlier this year, Instagram announced the introduction of ads within its app. While not widely available just yet, Instagram has been testing ads with a few brands. This has received a mix of responses, some good and some bad.

However, for brands and small businesses looking to promote their products and services, it may actually prove to be quite beneficial. Videos and photos will appear in the main feed of the app and they will look just like regular posts, the only difference being the ads would be marked as being sponsored.

While users may be hesitant about accepting advertising in the beginning, once they see that they are seeing quality images and discovering new brands, they’ll be more open to it.

It will be a great way for businesses to grow their audience, but it falls to the business to ensure the images and videos they are promoting are extraordinary. If your content isn’t good, then paying to promote it won’t help. However, if your content is great, you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Here are a few more benefits of Instagram advertising:

Helps Build Trust

Instagram can prove to be useful in gaining the trust of your customers. You can create unique and engaging content that can build confidence in your business, such as behind the scenes images. This, in turn, will lead to more loyal customers and increased sales.

Increased Web Traffic

Recent studies show Instagram has higher levels of engagement compared to Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, by creating and maintaining a profile, you can greatly increase your website’s visibility, which will lead to a significant boost in web traffic.

Competitive Advantage

Although many companies use various social media websites to market their products and services, using Instagram may actually gain you a competitive advantage. Because of the aforementioned engagement levels, it is important to integrate Instagram into your social media marketing strategy.

Getting Started

To receive all these benefits and try advertising when it becomes available to all brands, you need to create an Instagram account. Click here for a guide on setting up an Instagram profile.

As you can see, Instagram advertising has the potential to give brands a leg up on the platform. While Instagram has already proven its strength when it comes to being a great marketing tool, the opportunity to promote posts and reach an even wider audience is sure to set a new standard in social media.

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