Twitter Advertising

By Elana Harari


Twitter advertising is here! This is your chance to increase your following, connect with your Twitter community, link with events, brands, and businesses, and share your knowledge with the world that is Twitter.

Before we look at the why of Twitter advertising, we need to look at the why of advertising on social media in general. There are four main reasons to advertise on social:

  1. You get your brand message heard above the noise that is social.
  2. You are able to target your specific audience (e.g. women aged 20–30, who live in metropolitan areas and love coffee).
  3. You can grow your following.
  4. It allows you to increase engagement with community members who care about your brand and what you have to say.

For those who believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for social media advertising, we must look to the physical world for the answer: what would you pay to have an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper?

What would you pay for an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper, if you could guarantee that it would only be seen by the market you want to buy your product/service? You wouldn’t be paying for the wider community to see it, only your target audience. That is priceless.

It is this amazing accuracy and effectiveness, and the unparalleled ability to communicate with your target audience, that makes advertising on social media a necessity and an opportunity to directly communicate your brand message.

Now that we have that covered, let’s move onto advertising on Twitter!

For a business, there are three options available:

Promoted Account

These ads allow you to promote your account to users who don’t already follow you. This is ideal for any business that wants to increase their number of followers.

Promoted Tweets

Like a boosted post on Facebook, these allow you to highlight a particular update or Tweet and gain greater exposure for it. If you’re looking to share to a wider audience, showcase your company promotions and giveaways, or build awareness around your brand, then these are for you!

Promoted Trends

These are topics and hashtags that are moved to the top of the Trending Topics list when you buy advertising around them. This is a great way to link your brand by association to the trend, to create mass awareness of your event, promotion, or product launch.

At this stage you should be asking yourself, is Twitter advertising right for my business? There are a few questions that you have to answer before you make any decisions:

– Do you want to increase your Twitter followers, increase exposure for your business, and promote your tweets to your ideal audience?

– Is your community already on Twitter? Are they active and engaged on Twitter (even if not with your brand)?

– Do you want to utilise your Twitter to connect with your audience and share your message?

If you answered yes to all of these, then go for it!

If you answered no, don’t feel bad! While Twitter advertising is going to be wonderful for some businesses, if your target audience is not there, you will simply be paying to reach people who you aren’t interested in, and who aren’t interested in you. So make sure you’re advertising on Twitter with good reason, and not just because you think you should.

Overall, Twitter advertising is a great way to get your brand heard, reach a new community, and connect like never before. With advertising options to suit every business objective, you’ll easily be able to tailor the advertising to suit your goals. Get cracking!

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