How To Set Up a Company Page On LinkedIn


LinkedIn isn’t just for connecting with colleagues; it’s also great for looking for potential jobs and candidates, finding inspiration, and keeping up with the latest news. These things often occur through company pages, which post jobs, inspire with insights, and share company news.

Even if your company isn’t the size of Google (yet), you can benefit by having a Company Page on LinkedIn. This is especially true if you are a B2B company.

Here are the basic steps for setting up a Company Page.

1. You will need to have a LinkedIn profile to be able to set up a Company Page. If you need to set up a personal profile, follow our guide here.

2. Make sure you meet the requirements to create a company page. You will need the following:

– A personal profile.

– Intermediate or All Star profile strength (to check this, go to your profile. On the right hand side bar, you’ll see a circle that is labelled “Profile Strength”. If you are below intermediate, you’ll need to complete any missing profile details to increase your rating).

– Connections. No specific minimum number is listed, LinkedIn simply says you need “several” connections.

– Be a current employee of the company you are creating the Page for, and have that listed in the Experience section of your profile.

– A company email address, which has a unique email domain (e.g. not or

3. Once you’ve checked that you’re eligible, you’re ready to start. At the top of your LinkedIn page there should be a search bar, and below that a black tool bar. In the tool bar, hover over “Interests”. Click “Companies” in the drop down menu.

4. Once on the Companies page, on the right hand side you’ll see a yellow button that says “Create”. Click it.

5. You’ll be asked to fill in your company’s name and email address. Keep in mind that this should be your company’s official name so people coming to the page will be able to clearly tell it is your business page. Also use your work email address with the unique email domain, not a personal email. Click “Continue”.

6. Fill out your company information, including your company description and website. You will need to include these two to be able to publish your Page.

Once you’ve completed all the details and published your page, you can start sharing updates. For tips on creating a successful Company Page, see LinkedIn’s guide on building a brand.

Click here for FAQs about Company Pages.

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