Perfectly Pinteresting


As daily users of social media for both business and personal reasons, we love Pinterest. From a business perspective, we see how valuable it can be for a business, but we also understand how it can seem strange to those new to the platform.

If you’re thinking about joining Pinterest, but not sure where to begin, we’ve rounded up all of our blogs about this wonderful social media platform to help you get started.

7 Reasons to Join Pinterest

Haven’t quite decided whether to join or not? Read through these benefits and see if it’s for you.

How to Create a Pinterest Account

Once you’re ready to join, this article will walk you through the process to make it as simple as possible.

Social Media Lingo Explained

Each social media platform has certain language that is unique, and only known to those familiar with the platform. We explain what it all means, so you’ll be fluent in Pinterest lingo in no time.

5 Tips for Pinterest

A few basic tips that will help as you get started on Pinterest.

How to Add Another Pinner to a Pinterest Board

Once you’ve got the hang of Pinterest, you may want to try creating a group board. While it’s a great tool for engaging your community and doing market research, it’s actually very simple to do.

Got any questions that we haven’t answered here? Let us know in the comments!

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