How To Set Up A Google+ Account


Google+ is the platform that has benefits you don’t see straight away, but that you can’t afford to go without, such as increasing your presence on Google.

If you’re keen to get on board, this is how to set up your personal Google+ profile.

1. Create a Gmail account.

2. Once you have a Gmail account, in the right top hand corner of the page, it will list the email address you are logged in as. Click on it, and in the drop down menu there will be a blue button that says “Join Google+”. Click it.

3. This will open up a new window. Google will then ask you to set up your public profile. Fill in the details required. Remember, the name you put here is the one that will appear across all of your Google profiles, and you have limited opportunities to change it in future. We suggest using your real name. Click upgrade.

4. You will then be given suggestions of people to connect with. Adding someone to your circles means that you are following them and will receive updates from them in your stream.

To do this, click on or hover over the “Add” button. This will bring up your circle options. You must put people in circles, which is simply like grouping your contacts so that you can see updates only from your customers or only from your colleagues for example, or if you want to share a post only with a certain group of people.

Google+ has standard circles that you can use, including Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and Following. You can also create your own by clicking “Create new circle”. People do not know which circles you have added them to but they will be notified that you have added them.

5. Google+ will also encourage you to invite your other contacts to join the platform and suggest more brands and interests to add to your circles. Adding people and brands, and inviting new people are all optional.

6. The next step is to add in details to your profile. Upload a profile photo, or take a photo through your computer if suitable. Fill in other details that you want to fill in, such as where you work, where you went to school, and the city you live in. On the right, Google+ will show what your profile will look like to others.

7. Now your profile is set up, you can finish filling out your profile. Add a cover image and fill in as much or as little information as you’d like to, such as information about yourself that will help identify you, contact information, and other pages you want to link to. You don’t have to put in anything you don’t want to, but it may help people get in touch with you, and know that you’re a real person and not a spam account.

Next week, we’ll go through the process of setting up a Google+ Page for your business.

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