Fantastic Facebook


Facebook is the most popular social media platform, and as a result is essential to include in your marketing strategy.

Whether you have never used Facebook before, or you have a personal account that you’re comfortable using, Facebook for business is a whole new ball game.

Here we’ve rounded up a collection of posts that will help you master Facebook.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

The first step to dominating Facebook.

5 Tips for Facebook

Perfect for beginners! Tips that will make your transition to Facebook easier.

How Do I Make Someone an Admin?

You may not have the time to look after your Facebook page by yourself, so here’s how to add an admin to help you maintain your presence.

Facebook Advertising 101

Advertising will help you build your community on Facebook. This covers what you need to know and how to create an ad.

Facebook Analytics: What to Look For

Analytics are integral to getting your strategy right. Here we look at which analytics matter and what they mean.

How to Increase your Facebook Views

A little trick to reaching a bigger audience.

Why you Should Include Video in your Facebook Strategy

Once you’ve figured out analytics and built a community, try adding video to your strategy. We explain why.

How do I Change my Business Name on Facebook?

Decided to rebrand or set up your profile with a different name? Here’s how to change your business name on Facebook.

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