Christmas Campaigns For Social Media


Now that we’re in December, Christmas will be upon us before we know it! If you haven’t already developed your Christmas campaign, now is the time to do it. Here are some ideas.

The Advent Calendar

Everyone loves a good countdown to Christmas, especially is there are gifts involved! The easiest way to put this campaign together is to create it as an app on your Facebook page.

Most third party app builder programs will have a template you can use. Each day of the countdown, the app will release a new prize that people can enter to win.

Then you simply need to promote your campaign, and direct people towards the app. This kind of campaign is great for database building.

Pinterest Wish List

Topshop ran a campaign on Pinterest where they asked their followers to create a board and pin items from their website using the hashtag #DearTopshop. Followers could enter their boards to win prizes. The most popular items were featured on Topshop’s homepage.

To follow in Topshop’s footsteps, you could do something similar. Ask your customers to create a board, such as Christmas fashion, the best gifts for Mum, and so on, pin their favourite of your items to it along with your chosen hashtag, and the best board wins a prize.

Christmas Wish Giveaway

A Facebook wall contest, ask your community to comment with what product of yours they would put on their Christmas wish list, with the chance to win it. The best comment is the winner.

This will help to build engagement on your page, and also serve as a form of market research to see which products your market is loving.

Secret Santa

Post an image on Facebook of a product you’re happy to giveaway, and ask your audience to comment who they would give the present to and why. Choose the best answer as the winner.

This will build Christmas spirit within your community, creating a positive feeling that they associate with you. The chance to win a free gift is also always popular!

Unwrap The Gift

Set a challenge and pique your community’s curiosity! This can work on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Post a photo of a wrapped gift and let your community know that if it reaches a certain amount of likes/retweets, you’ll reveal a special Christmas discount.

Choose a number that is challenging but possible, and once it is reached, share an image with the discount code. This will encourage sales as well as engagement.

Christmas Hashtag

This is a great one for Twitter. Ask your followers to tell you the worst gift they’ve ever received that they’d like to trade in for something better, and use the hashtag #worstgiftever. The best answer wins a prize.

You can change the question and hashtag to better suit your brand. This is a fun competition, and you’ll get some clever and funny answers, which will help you reach a wider audience and send traffic to your website.

These are all simple to run campaigns that you can put together quickly and with little to no expense. Have fun this Christmas season!

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