What We Love About Summer


We’re now in December, which means we’re officially in summer!

While most businesses still work throughout summer, the season brings with it some opportunities not available during the rest of the year.

So what does our team love about summer? We asked them and here are their answers:


I like fishing in summer.


I love going to the beach later in the day, that shorts and thongs are acceptable to wear, and that going for ice cream is a legitimate activity.


I look forward to spending more time outdoors, actually swimming at the beach, and spending lots of lazy afternoons in beer gardens (with a cocktail with an umbrella in it, rather than beer).

I also love that you can get away with wearing thongs all the time!


All year round I follow sport, so summer in Australia means winter pretty much everywhere else, which means soccer in England, football in the states, and cricket here.

My favourite thing to do in summer is spending time with friends in the sun, having a BBQ, and watching/playing some sort of sport.


There are too many things! But mainly it’s the long, balmy evenings, enjoying picnics along the Yarra, BBQs and bocce with family and friends, and sipping cold glasses of wine on rooftop bars around the city. Plus the fact that it’s completely ok to smell like a coconut all season long… because who doesn’t want to smell like a coconut?!


I love the feeling of excitement that’s in the air! Everyone just seems so much happier. The days are longer, and it feels like you can get more done, and that there’s more opportunity for social activities. I also love the fruit in summer, especially mangoes!

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