Social Media Management During The Holidays


The holiday period is almost here, and you might even get to take some time off (which we know is not always possible for business owners)! Unfortunately, social media doesn’t take holidays, and you can’t afford to ignore your platforms over this period.

So how do you balance taking time off with an active social presence for your business?

Quiet, Not Dead

You can cut back on posts, but don’t let them go completely. It’s ok for you to be less active during this period, as long as you don’t disappear. Removing yourself from social media altogether will set back any progress you’ve made.

If you do choose to post less often, make your posts count. Don’t miss the important timely ones, such as Christmas and New Year (if relevant to your brand), and get the tone right. Remember, you’re meant to be a friend to your audience, and friends send greetings not sales pitches on holidays.

Plan Ahead

Plan, plan, plan! This will save you a lot of time over the holiday break.

If you figure out your posts in advance and schedule them, then all you’ll have to do is check in to see if there are any customer questions, rather than finding a new post every day.

Not all platforms offer scheduling. Facebook can be scheduled through the platform, while there are apps that you can schedule through for other platforms. If you don’t feel comfortable using these apps, at least plan your content so that you can simply put the post up on the day and be on your way.

Go Mobile

If you haven’t already, link your profiles to your phone so can you see if any emergencies pop up. We understand that you don’t want to be on your phone all day when you’re trying to relax, but this way you will be notified if someone responds to a post on any of your platforms. If it’s something that needs to be dealt with immediately, you can do so. If it’s less urgent, leave it for your designated monitoring time.

Let People Know

Put a message on your social media profiles and your website to let people know that you will have reduced customer service hours or if you will be closed over the holidays. This way, people will know why you don’t respond immediately, rather than thinking you simply don’t care.

However, keep in mind that customer service never gets a break, so you need to be available in some capacity for emergencies.

Backup Plan

If you know your community will still be active on social media while you’re away, ask someone else to look after it for you. Choose someone who knows your brand well and that you feel comfortable with, so that you can leave it in their hands and not have to think about it.

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