Culture Profile: Fun Wednesdays

Culture profile: fun Wednesdays

The results of our origami class

If you’ve visited our blog or our office before, you’ll know that culture is very important to us.

One thing we do to maintain a happy workplace is fun Wednesdays. This was pioneered and is now run by our resident culture queen, Steph. While we have some sort of activity on each day of the week (we’ll talk about those another time), Wednesday is dedicated to a purely fun exercise.

Activities vary and have included (but are not limited to) a dance class, quizzes, charades, and an origami lesson. It turns out none of us have discovered a secret skill yet, but we’ve had plenty of fun trying it all out!

While it might seem strange to others that we take an hour of our precious time to do something completely unrelated to work, we don’t see our workplace as just a job. To us, everyone here is family, and we aim to provide an environment where everyone (including visitors) feels comfortable and happy. No one dreads coming in on a Monday – in fact, people get here early!

Culture profile: fun Wednesdays

Learning some new dance moves!

By participating in these different activities, we make our office a place where fun happens, as well as work. It allows everyone to relax, laugh, and not feel restricted in showing their personalities. Once you’ve seen the head of the company attempt to do the worm, you no longer feel intimidated about approaching them to talk about work.

It helps us get to know the people we work with, and makes our friendships run deeper than simply colleagues. It also helps us know who to bring to a dance battle, should that scenario ever occur!

Our culture is a big part of who we are, and is a priority for the whole team. For us, Wednesday isn’t hump day, it’s fun day!

We’re always interested in hearing suggestions for activities to try – tell us in the comments what your work does for fun, or if you have any ideas for us!

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