How will Facebook changes affect your business?


Creating shareable content and staying relevant is now more important than ever with the latest Facebook update.

An article published by SocialTimes ‘STUDY: Facebook Page Posts Net 2.6% Organic Reach in March’ outlined the following statistic

“The average reach for posts from Facebook pages in March was 2.6 percent, slipping to 2.27 percent for pages with more than 1 million likes, according to the latest research from social analytics and reporting firm Locowise.”

This is not the end of your business on Facebook; it is actually quite the opposite. These changes have been made by Facebook to reward the pages that care and remain ‘in the know’ and ignore those that don’t.

You are rewarded with reach, engagement and community connections if you pay, create content that is relevant and shareable and continue to understand your community and give them what they want.

Your business will be ignored if you continue to post and operate online the same way businesses did three years ago.

As social media and the community as a whole evolves, business that adapt and grow with it will prosper, while those who live in the past are simply left behind.

Have your say: How has your business adapted to recent changes in social media?

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